Special Orders

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Sporting goods retailers, such as tack shops, typically only stock a small fraction of the goods they carry.  Many goods are special order, often due to their complicated nature.

For instance, a saddle can have many different variables, such as tree size, seat size, channel option, and leather color.  Obviously, no store is going to stock every combination of every saddle.  That doesn't make sense.

Instead, you would special order these saddles.  Voyager gives you the power to take these orders and process them from start to finish.  The Point of Sale module lets you create the orders.  The Purchase Order system them creates the Purchase Order based on the Special Order.  The Receiving System informs the Customer System of the Customer Orders that have been Received, and, finally, the Point of Sale module takes the final payments.

Voyager Special Orders Module

In other words, the Special Order and Purchase Order Systems are tied very closely together.  Information passes between these two modules so you have all the information you need available when your customers inquire about their orders.

Voyager is a fully integrated system which allows you to track Special Orders throughout the entire order cycle.