Special Orders

Specialty retailers, such as furniture stores, typically have a show room and stock only the fastest moving items.  All other goods are special ordered when they're needed.

Most of these inventory items are too complicated to stock every option.  For instance, a custom table could have a large number of variables, such as finish, leg, top, stain, cushions, and fabric.

Vogue gives you the power to take these orders and process them from start to finish.  The Point of Sale module lets you create the orders.  The Purchase Order system then creates the P.O. based on the Special Order.  The Receiving System informs the Customer System of which customer order has been received and, finally, the POS module takes the final payments.

Vogue is a fully-integrated system, which allows you to track special orders throughout the entire order cycle.

The Special Order and the Purchase Order Systems are tied very closely together.  Information passes between these two modules, so you have all your information available when your customers inquire about their order.

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