Purchase Orders

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Purchase orders and sales orders/special orders are tightly integrated.  Purchase orders can display special order information down to the source documents and, vice versa, special orders can display purchase order information.

Here are some features of the Purchase Order module:

  • Can be manually generated or created from the Special Order module
  • Can be generated via Min/Max analysis
  • Min/Max levels can be calculated based on historical sales
  • Purchase order worksheets give you historical sales information at your finger tips
  • Can be emailed to your suppliers
  • Item matrix is available in the P.O. module
  • With proper training, you can order goods from your supplier using their color codes and sizing matrix
  • Can have many special orders and customers attached to each cell in a matrixed product.  As special orders are received, you are notified so that the customer can be contacted.
  • Order acknowledgements can be entered in the Purchase Order and flow through to the Special Order
  • Barcode ticket batches are generated upon the receiving of each shipment

There are also several Purchase Order reports built into Vogue.  These include:

  • Received Special Order Fulfillment Report
  • Purchase Order Receiving Report
  • Purchase Order Status Report