Multi Store

Real Time Retail – What is it and why do you need it?

Vogue Professional is real-time software which integrates all areas of a retail/wholesale business in one,complete system including point of sale, inventory management, warehouse, distribution center, customer account management, order processing, e-commerce, data-mining, advanced reporting and more! This means that as sales are made and merchandise received, this information is available instantly across the entire store or chain. Errors can be corrected and changes put in effect immediately; there is no waiting for nightly communication between stores and the head office. Charges and payments on account are updated immediately to avoid possible credit limit problems.

Vogue’s POS and complete back-end retail software takes advantage of the latest Microsoft Server technologies, the Internet and hardware to manage multiple store locations in real time, eliminating the need to poll between stores. Vogue Professional is an advanced tool available to retailers who need to maintain control and yet precisely manage operations at the store level. This new technology allows head office to monitor and correct store system issues remotely without having to go to the store. Owners have the ability to monitor their stores from anywhere there is the Internet. As a result, problems, bottle necks and decisions can be handled immediately, resulting in more customer satisfaction, better employee management, and tight inventory control. This same technology can also be used to visually monitor your store with the use of video cameras.




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