Customer Relationship Management

With Customer Database tools, you'll be able to answer questions, such as:

  • Which customers shop with us the most and what do they buy?
  • Which customers are the most profitable and which are a cost to your business?
  • Which customers are reducing their purchases with you and what can be done to reactivate them?
  • Which customers purchase at full retail and which are sale only customers?
  • How can you measure the success of your loyalty program?
  • Who has purchased from you in the past but not in the last year?

The Customer Database module tracks:

  • Demographic information
    • Name
    • Address
    • Postal Code
    • Customer Type
    • Notes
    • Age
    • Preferences
  • Purchase History
    • What and when did they purchase?
    • Which customers purchase at full price and only at sales?
    • Who are my most profitable customers?
  • Account Information for Accounts Receivable
    • Terms
    • Credit Limits
    • Account Balances
    • Status
  • Pricing Information for each Customer Group
    • User Definable
    • Unlimited Discount Levels


  • Customer Analysis
  • Customer Purchase History
  • Top X Customer Report
  • Customer Phone List
  • Customer Exports 


Other features of the Customer System:

  • All customer information can be exported to other applications such as Mail Merge, Labeling, Excel, etc.
  • Customers can be analyzed by product categories and brand
  • Customer loyalty programs can be managed and monitored

Finally, Vogue has a complete Accounts Receivable module.  Print Statements, Aged Receivables Listing, Finance Charges, and Account Management Tools.

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