Clothing Store POS / Apparel POS

Dimensional has worked with many clothing stores and apparel retailers over the years.  In fact, many of our clients have been converted from other fashion/soft goods packages, such as Retail Pro, CounterPoint, SoftwarePOS,  Matrix and Windword. 

Dimensional's premier fashion software package is Vogue Retail Management Suite.  It has many industry-specific features such as:

  • Inventory matrixes (style, color, size and width)
  • Complete customer sales history
  • Customer color and size preferences
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing tools
  • Reports with specific apparel grid formats and season/collection breakdowns for merchandizing and purchasing
  • Barcoding

Vogue is one of only a few systems which uploads clothing type products to Magento e-commerce websites.

Vogue Modules for Clothing

  • Point of Sale
  • Standalone Sales
  • Inventory Control
  • Purchasing
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Automated Physical Count
  • Multi Store Operations
  • Magento Ecommerce interface
  • Merchandize Reporting
  • Barcode Printing
  • Consignment Sales Processing

The Inventory Matrix functionality built into Vogue is what makes it an apparel package. The 4 level inventory grid is a key feature of Vogue.  The unique grid design allows you to track up to 4 levels of detailed information about each inventory item in your store.  The grid packs all this information onto the screen for a total view of an item's performance.  The 4 level grid controls each item of inventory and delivers the vital information needed for management decision making.  This grid form flows throughout the entire system.

If you are running a clothing store, you know that clothes sell in different styles, colors, sizes and lengths.  Do you need to know which colors are selling quickly? Do you need to know which sizes need to be filled in and reordered?  Vogue can answer these questions and more. 

If you are selling something like bathing suits, you may set up your grid to track only style, color and size.  Each item can have its own grid.  This degree of flexibility is only found in a few soft goods systems and Vogue gives it to you at a fraction of the cost of these other systems.

Here's an example of what we mean:

Clothing Matrix

This is a sweater set up as a matrixed product.  You have one sweater that comes in multiple sizes and colours.  A fourth dimension can be configured for say Jeans which would come in a style, color, waist and inseam.

Many systems lack this functionality.  To recreate this example inventory information in many systems, you'd have to create 14 separate inventory items.  For instance, you'd have to create a blue size extra small and then a green size extra small, etc.  This is why you want to invest in an industry-specific system.  Shortcuts like this are already built in.

The matrix functionality is throughout the system from the Point of Sale, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Physical Counts, Transfers between stores, sales orders and reporting. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In todays's world you will need to step up your game to retain and grow your customer base.  The days of opening your door and waiting for customers to arrive are over.  Younger customer do not follow the old advertising methods, such as newspaper, magazine, and radio, which worked on prior generations.  You will need to go after the new avenues of communication with these new customers using such tools as Facebook, mobile applications, Web sales,  social media, and email marketing. Vogue gives you tools which work with these applications providing a means of communication with your customers. 

Vogue can be set up to automatically prompt your cashiers to enter customer information into the system.  This information includes everything from basic demographic information (name, address, etc.) to more personal information, such as your customers' birthdays and anniversaries.  Obviously, the more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them.

Vogue also tracks each customer's purchase history.  This will help you make recommendations when they're in your store.  You can also use this information to help with your marketing.  For instance, when you get a new collection in, you can contact everyone who bought something similar last year.

Customer Profiling

With Vogue, you can create direct marketing lists that you can use for direct mail, email and telemarketing campaigns. Vogue can export to such products as iContact for managed email marketing:

 You can filter these lists by various criteria, including:

  • Total Sales
  • Date Range
  • Last Purchase Date
  • Name
  • Address
  • Birth Date
  • Sales Person
  • Etc.

Customers can belong to your inhouse loyalty programs, collecting points for each purchase to be used for future purchases.

Employee Management

Vogue allows you to record all of the information you need to analyze employee performance and calculate commissions. Whether your sales force is made up of internal sales personnel or external agents requiring statements for recording commission, you have the tools to manage this asset.   Multiple commission rates and methods of calculating commissions gives you the flexibility to reward your employees for great customer service.

  • Commission types - gross or profit
  • Split commisions per sale right down to line item on a sale
  • Commission reports  - summaries with profit calculations, details by customer, statements for agents,  spiffs.
  • Employee sales graphs

 Merchandising Reports

Vogue lets you classify your inventory into different departments, categories, sub-categories, seasons, and collections.

This takes some thought ahead of time, but once you've done this, you can run reports that will tell you which departments, categories, sub-categories, seasons and collections are making you money and which aren't.  This can help you re-order the right inventory items.

You can even do Previous Year Comparisons.  This will let you see how you're doing on a day-to-day basis compared to last year.


Barcode ScannerVogue's barcoding functionality makes it very easy to manage and sell your clothing.  Here's an example: Vogue will create a UPC for you, or you can use the supplier's UPC.  Whatever's easier for you. 

If you want to use Vogue's UPCs, you can print tickets right from within Vogue.  No need to use a separate program.  You can print tickets using a standard laser printer or a barcode printer.  The choice is yours.

Barcoding makes it easy to sell items.  Your cashiers just scan the barcode at the Point of Sale.  No need to search through the system for the proper inventory item.  Just scan and sell.

When it comes time to count your stock, barcoding is the only way to go.  Hours of man hours will be eliminated as well human error.  All the manual calculation have been automated so updating your inventory with the correct count number is now easier than ever. 

Point of Sale

The Point of Sale within Vogue is clean and uncluttered by pictures and fancy graphics, which look great but really confuse the user.  Vogue was designed to give the user only what they need and hide the functionality that they don't need.  The system has a multitude options which can turned on or off depending on your needs.   All the features below can be turned on or off.

  • Sales and Returns
  • Layaways
  • Special Order
  • On Account Payments
  • Rentals
  • Consignment Sales
  • Loyalty programs
  • Promotions
  • Special Pricing 
  • Discounts
  • Gift Cetificates
  • Gift Cards
  • Customer Lookups
  • Inventory Lookups
  • Sales and Line Item comments
  • Price Overrides
  • Package Pricing
  • Paid outs
  • Reprint Receipts

Depending on your system configuration many other functions will just go into action depending on the situation. Vogue is a real time system which updates information instantaneously.  Customer balances and history are updated upon completion of the sales.  Inventory levels are adjusted at all locations instantly; no polling involved. 

Other features of the Point of Sale related to the clothing business are as follows:

  • Foreign Currency
  • Penny Rounding
  • Customer historical product lookup
  • Tracking of customer preferences, such as color and size
  • Tracking of customers and their children and purchases
  • Ability to track emails within the customer file
  • User definable receipt formats and invoice layouts
  • Ability to allow multiple payment methods
  • Password protection
  • Clientele tracking by salesperson
  • Multiple tax rates for provincial and state tax requirements
  • Inventory search by color or size

These are just a few examples of how Dimensional can help you.  Please call us at 403-225-2224 for more information.

 If you have any questions about POS, please contact us by email or phone: 1-403-225-2224.

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