Mobile Store

More and more people are shopping and browsing on their mobile phones.  If you have an online store, you should make it mobile-friendly.

Luckily, the ecommerce platform we use (Magento) has a mobile template built in.  This will give people with mobile phones a much better experience.

Front Page

Magento Mobile Front PageFor instance, the front page of a mobile-friendly Magento site has big buttons that are perfect for touch screens.

Your customers can access their account information and shopping cart at the touch of a button.

They can also browse your store's categories (Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, etc.) and Content Pages (About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, etc.)

The nice thing about using a mobile template is that it's still one site.  The site just has two different views: one for mobile users and one for standard users.

This lets you avoid maintaining two websites.

You're not limited to the built-in orange colour scheme, by the way.  Dimensional can create a new, mobile-friendly Magento template for you.  We can change the colours and the layout, just like we can with a standard Magento site.


Magento Category PageJust like with a standard Magento site, your customers can browse your category pages. 

This will let them find the exact product they're looking for.

You can assign products to multiple categories.  For instance, you could create two categories: clothing and specials.  Then you could assign one product to both of these categories.

Finally, the customer can sort the products by price, name, etc.  These "sortable attributes" are customizable.  You can edit the built-in attributes and create new ones.


Magento Product PageProduct pages are very similar to category pages.  They have simple controls and big buttons.

The "Add to Cart" button is the biggest button, of course, because that what you want your customers to do.

Once your customer clicks the "Add to Cart" button, that product is added to the customer's cart.  They can click the "Cart" button at the top at any time to start the "Checkout" process.

Other information on the Mobile Product Page includes images, name, inventory information, price, and details.  You want to include all the information a customer needs to decide to purchase the product.



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