Magento eCommerce Online Store

Magento is only seven years old but is already the most popular eCommerce platform on the net, with  a community of over 140,000 online retailers.  Magento is the ultimate in feature rich eCommerce platforms that provides the scalability, flexibility and features for future growth.  It is for the client who has unique and highly customizable needs.  We provide all the resources and techical savvy to help you bring your store to the web smoothly and economically.

Similar to other off-the-shelf eCommerce solutions, like WordPress, Shopify, and Bigcommerce, it promises to make the tools of the designer and programmer, and bring web development to the masses. However, unlike designing and launching your new WordPress blog, running a web-based retail business is a huge undertaking.  This project goes much smoother with the help from companies with experience covering the entire scope of the online store. Having a magento programmer at your disposal is only one aspect of the project.  

An eCommerce project has to include the following:

  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Hosting
  • Programming
  • Integration with POS/Accounting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Site re-development
  • Support, Training and Ongoing Site Management


You need a solution and a team which can not only automate the shopping cart and checkout process, but keep a check on your inventory, run promotions, handle customer service, deal with shipment and logistics, as well as allow you to design and manage the store front.

Running an eCommerce site on Magento means that you will still have to create your store from the ground up and get your hands dirty with more than a bit of code. Most of this can be figured out by reading the guides for any themes and extensions you use, but there are also parts of Magento that allow for much deeper customization which aren’t that obvious.


Work with a company providing all the skills to accomplish your online requirements. Just like your bricks and mortor store you have to get all the trades required to complete the job.

Why Magento eCommerce and Dimensional  Business Solutions

The Problem

Many customers won't visit your physical store if they can't browse your online store first.  Once they find what they're looking for, they'll either buy it online or drive down to your store.

To help you launch your new online store, Dimensional will leverage the power of Magento, the world's most popular eCommerce platform and integrate it with Dimensionals own retail and wholesale inventory solutions.  This is not done by many magento developers as they lack the business experise you get from running a complete  ERP solution.  

To help you launch your new online store, we leverage the power of Magento, the world's most popular ecommerce platform.

More than 140,000 businesses use Magento.  We have built websites for several types of stores, including jewelry stores, tack shops, gift stores, sporting goods, shoe stores and wholesale. 

Admin Panel

Magento Admin PanelMagento gives you an Admin Panel that you can use to administer your online store.  With this, you can manage your:

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Customers
  • Promotions
  • Content
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Shipments
  • Taxes
  • Etc.

Front Page

Magento Front PageMagento has a front page that you can use to get your customers' attention.  This page is completely customizable.

Some of the features of this front page include:

  • Category Menu - this menu lets customers quickly find the type of product they are looking for
  • Search Box - customers can search your product catalog
  • Slideshow - you can add slides to the slideshow to showcase categories, special products, sales, news, and more
  • Banners - you can add banners to the front page
  • New Products Block - this block show off your newest products - these can be managed through the Admin Panel
  • Social Media Links - let people connect with you through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • Email Signup - people can sign up for your email list, and you can follow up with them through email

As mentioned above, these are just the standard features included out of the box with Magento.  We can add or delete them as needed.  We can also add new features, such as a Best Selling Products block or News headlines or even an embedded video.

We can create a custom design for you as well, adding your logo and adapting the color scheme to match your business's look and feel.


Magento Category PageMagento also gives you the ability to create categories.  Each category comes with its own category page.  These category pages let your customers browse your products.

They can view these categories in a Grid or List mode.  You're seeing grid mode in the screenshot to your right.

They can also sort the products by position, name, price, etc.  These "filterable attributes" are up to you.  You can turn off the standard attributes, such as name and price, and you can create new ones.

The default is 9 products per page, but your customers can choose to show more products per category page if they want.  This, again, is customizable by you in the Magento Admin Panel.

Finally, you don't actually have to show products on every category page.  You can choose per category page whether you want to show:

  • Landing Page
  • Landing Page and Products
  • Just Products

You might want to use a simple landing page for a main category and products for the sub-categories.  This is really up to you.


Magento Product PageFinally, Magento lets you create products.

There are different types of products, including:

  • Simple
  • Grouped
  • Configurable
  • Virtual
  • Bundle
  • Downloadable

Most of our clients use simple and configurable products.

Simple products are what they sound like: simple, basic products.

Configurable products are for when you sell something like shoes with different sizes and colours.

You can create a configurable product along with a number of different associated simple products, one for each size-colour combination. 

This lets you track which sizes and colours you have in stock.  Magento will use the configurable product to show drop-down lists of the sizes and colours that are available.

When you create a product, you're given a number of forms to fill out.  This determines what Magento will show for each product.

Some of this information includes:

  • Name
  • Descriptions
  • SKU
  • Weight
  • Price
  • Special Price
  • Page Title and Meta Description (for SEO purposes)
  • Images
  • Inventory Information
  • Categories
  • Related Products
  • Up-sells
  • Cross-sells
  • Etc.

Don't worry if this sounds confusing to you.  Our approach is a consultative one.  We will create the Magento store, based on your feedback and then train you how to use it.  Finally, we're always available if you need help after your store's launch.

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