Why did you choose Dimensional Business Solutions?

We’ve had an ongoing relationship with DBS. Their honesty and commitment to the product was important to us. In addition their understanding of our business needs and requirements ensured that we would have a good fit of the software to our company.

Strellson Apparel WholesalerWhy did you choose this system?

There are several reasons. The system is easy to use for everyone in the office ... from heavy to light users. Secondly, the package works within a Windows environment. This was important because as a company we wanted to look at other uses of our system, such as the Internet. Another important factor was its ability to integrate Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and inventory control. Overall the program’s flexibility impressed us.

What do you think about the use of computers in your business?

They are the key to our company’s future. These days we can do more work with the same staff levels. Computers are definitely here to stay, and learning to use them effectively will help anyone improve business efficiency.

How has the system affected Strellson?

As the primary user I can comfortably say I can get more done easier and faster. The ability to control inventory as precisely as we can in this system is vital to our business. I can keep tabs on specific items in stock very easily.

Where do you want to take the system next?

The potential is so great that it’s beyond anything we have ever had before. We will be able to fine tune the specifics of our business in a variety of areas over the next year ... and beyond. Once all the basics have been looked at and adapted to our way of doing things, we would like to take advantage of a fully UPC scanning system for all of our inventory movement. In addition we would like to explore the use of the Internet for our business.

In hindsight, was the investment in the system justified?

Very much so. But it is important to understand that the investment is an on-going one, like regular maintenance on a nice car.

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