Spruce Meadows Tack Shop

What made you invest in a new system?

Our system was simply not adequate to handle the amount of inventory we were carrying. Not just that, but we wanted to optimize inventory levels so we wouldn’t be carrying inventory that wasn’t turning. We wanted effective budget controls over our inventory.

Spruce Meadows Tack ShopWhy Dimensional Business Solutions?

One of our major criteria for a new system was that there had to be excellent local support. When we talked to the retailers that had systems installed and supported by Dimensional Business Solutions we liked what we heard – excellent service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – that’s the kind of support we had to have!

What has been the staff’s reaction to working with the system?

Ease of use by staff was a major concern when we were looking for a new system. Our staff were able to learn how to use the system at the point of sale very quickly, and they like it. From management’s point of view productivity is better, and the staff have the information they need to give the first rate service our customers expect.

What is the most useful function of the system for you?

For us it’s the inventory reports. I can tell at any time what I have on hand, without going out onto the floor and searching for it. Not only that I can see how an item is performing, which items are slow movers, and what items I need to reorder. It makes my life a lot easier! I also like the way the system handles promotions and sales. We find it to be pretty foolproof.

What do you like about using computers in your business?

Answers! That’s what I like! When I have a question I can get the answer! No more eyeballing inventory or guessing at inventory levels. When I need information it’s there for me at the push of a button.

In hindsight, was the investment in the system justified? If you had it to do all over again, would you?

Without a doubt we would. It’s a lot of work to install a new system, but without a system like this it’s like driving at night without any headlights. You know you’re moving, but you can’t see where you’re headed. Now we have the information to see where we’re going and to run our business more profitably.

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