Peter Roberts

What made you invest in a new system?

We were on a manual system for our stores. We found that we needed to become more efficient in processing point of sale transactions, purchasing, receiving, and managing our customer database. We also wanted more detailed reporting capabilities.

Peter Roberts Men's Clothing StoreWhy did you choose Dimensional Business Solutions?

We were impressed with DBS’s retail background, and how they were able to use their knowledge to help improve our business, particularly, their knowledge of inventory tracking, information tracking procedures, and executive reporting.

What do you think about the use of computers in your business?

It makes our business far more efficient ... we are able to answer questions and obtain information accurately and quickly. In addition we are able to obtain information we were never able to have on our manual system ... tracking customer purchases, detailed sales information, like colors and sizes, gross margin by vendor/category/item ... are all a breeze.

What has been the staff’s reaction to the new system?

Many of our staff are older and not familiar with computers; they were reluctant at first but have all adapted really well to it. The staff that were familiar with computers took to the system right away. They were able to do things they never could.

How has the system affected your company?

Through the increased efficiency it has made us more profitable.

Overall, how was the computerization process?

It seemed a slow, tedious and frustrating for everyone at first, but has been extremely smooth after the initial hump. We are now able to concentrate on the larger business questions with all the information at hand. In hindsight, the process was pretty good.

What are the most useful functions of the system for your company?

Oh I’d have to say ... tracking individual and grouped customer sales, tracking each stores sales year to year in total and in detail by category, comparing seasonal buying and vendor performance reports, sell thru’s by vendor and items, the simplicity of receiving and of using barcodes.

How do you see the analytical potential of the system for your business?

I am hopeful that it will help us fine tune our purchasing and inform us as to where we are making good money and where we are not.

Where do you want to take the system next?

What we are doing now is implementing a Customer Rewards Loyalty Program where the system assigns points to customers based on whether they purchase items at regular price, or at a discount. We expect this will have a positive effect on our customers and increase their loyalty to us.

Have you done special modifications? If so how did they work out for you?

Yes. We’ve added the Customer Rewards Loyalty Program. Its too early to know its effect yet.

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