James and Dickson Clothiers

Why did you invest in a computer system?

We had to get a more controlled way of managing our customer database. Knowing the customer’s sizes and his preferences lets us provide personal service that would be impossible without a POS system. Being able to print personalised letters, and produce direct mail to specific groups of customers is a pivotal part of our promotional program, so the computer plays an important role there too.

James and Dickson ClothiersWhy did you choose this system?

After having viewed a demo of the program, we decided it was the most appropriate system for our operation. It’s easy to understand, has excellent inventory control and sales reporting, as well as the customer profiling that is so important to us. Also Dimensional Business Solutions has such a good reputation for great support that we knew we would have help when we needed it.
[Paul and Marney – James and Dickson Clothiers]

What is the most useful function of your POS system?

Analyzing the gross margin of different product lines and having stock turns at our fingertips has been the most useful for increasing our profits. It makes it easy to identify 'winners' and ‘losers’ so we have much better inventory control. With the capabilities of the customer database we also find that our promotions get much better response than before.

What do you think of using computers in your business?

You're living in the dark ages without them! No operation today can afford not to have the information they provide. It's very competitive in retail these days and you need every advantage you can get.

In hindsight, was the investment in the system justified? Would you do it again?

Absolutely! Without question! If you aren't on top of what is happening with your customers and your inventory, you aren't competitive, and we all know what that means! We feel that the system paid for itself within the first six months. It's given us a sense of security and confidence that we are doing the best job possible on every front.

What can you do now that you couldn’t do before computerizing?

That list is a mile long, but to sum it up we now have control over our inventory and our customer database. We have a ‘real’ picture of our inventory costs, and we know who our customers are, what they are buying and when they are buying it.

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