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What made you invest in a new system?

Our primary need was for control of accurate collection of sales information. We needed this information to be collected in a consistent way to process customer data accurately and reliably. In addition we needed our sales information to be correlated to our customer history and inventory data.

Arnold Churgin ShoesWhy did you choose Dimensional Business Solutions?

We needed an organization to provide stable, consistent and local service. We needed a very flexible organization that would be willing to investigate and adapt to any circumstance; they needed to be focused on providing systems solutions. A lot hinged on the technical expertise of the individuals involved.

What was important about this system for you?

The system focuses very well on the needs of the cashier/salesperson at point of sale. It has good quick customer look-ups, and is very fast and efficient to process a sale. The four dimensional grid was a must for us. I can’t believe that a package fit a shoe store so well. The system lets us sort by color. We put in a significant amount of transactions and have a 98% reliability on data gathering, which is great for our needs.

How has the system affected your company?

It has significantly enhanced executive decision making capabilities. Point of sale efficiency in collecting customer and sales information with speed has also increased. It has also streamlined and focused administrative functions.

What are the most useful functions of the system for your company?

The four dimensional grid display is key to our sales strategy. The sales staff use employee sales information to determine their individual standing against their targets.

How do you see the analytical potential of the system for your business?

The capacity for our executives to make sound strategic decisions is key to our business. There is plenty of untapped potential to create meaningful reports on captured data.

Where do you want to take the system next?

We want to have a multimedia database for inventory to be used for multimedia marketing on web sites. It would allow our clients to view our selections in their sizes prior to coming into the store. This expands our selling area to beyond the walls of our stores.

In hindsight, was the investment in the system justified?

Absolutely. Unquestionable. The cost has been very justified. The real time solution with inventory, sales and customer information being updated across all our stores instantaneously has been great. Without this real-time solution we could not expect to get our inventories accurate enough to deal with the larger “fuzzy” executive questions of inventory efficiency.

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